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'Yoga! Never thought it would help osteoporosis...Just got my bone density results and it went up on the Z-score scale from -3.0 to - 2.0 on Lumbar spine.
			Although I have taken supplements of calcium, I strongly feel that yoga has been a major part of my improved bone density and muscle mass.
			Great thanks to my instructor, John Kuberka, for his professionalism and classmates that inspire me and make me feel welcome all the time!
Eva T.
'Thank you for the great care you give to us and to all the students in class.  You are caring and concerned with each of our needs. Thank you! Thank you!''
'Taking John’s yoga classes has provided me with many benefits. 
			My muscle tone has improved and my joints feel better. I am now able to lie flat on my back without bending my knees and without pain.  John provides individual attention and makes sure that asanas are done properly without making me feel like a complete klutz! He has demonstrated his knowledge of body physiology, so I trust him with the instruction he gives us.  
			I have also developed an awareness of my breathing and body alignment.  I never realized how I reacted to stress (and how often) by holding my breath and tightening my shoulders.  It is amazing how much calmer you feel when you concentrate on breathing, acknowledge tightened muscles and relax them. 
			Yoga is not only physical but also spiritual.  John incorporates that aspect of yoga through the asanas and breathing exercises with an understanding that spirituality is an individual thing. However, he is readily available to answer questions, suggest resources and discuss the spiritual side of yoga.
			In summary, I find that John’s classes make me feel good, and I plan to continue them.''
Kathy B.
'Your yoga classes have inspired me to do many things in my life and have brought goodness to my body, mind, and spirit. You NEED to know that you change lives...'
'Almost two years ago, I  attended a yoga class hoping to find some relief from discomforting knees and other things I wasn’t aware of which was the totality of the one problem.  
      Literally after that one class, I attended every class and workshop offered by John. I say with honesty, that John has provided so many avenues for me to explore, learn and enjoy, from the small to the complicated.  My mind is open, body balanced, and spirit enlightened.  You never know what can make an enhanced change in your life,  Yoga has and is doing this for me.  Thank you John for providing me with yoga moves, yoga history, and the yoga breath...Sharon R.'
Sharon R.


Where and when to find us

North Hills

North Hills

4447 Loma Clara Ct, El Paso, TX 79934

Tuesdays 5:30 PM Hatha Yoga
Thursdays 5:30 PM Hatha Yoga

North Central

North Central

4425 Byron St, El Paso, TX 79930

Wednesdays 5:30 PM Hatha Yoga
Fridays 9:00 AM Hatha Yoga
Saturdays 9:00 AM Hatha Yoga


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs
( Seniors: 65 and older )

  • 4 Class Pkg
  • Attend 1 class per week
  • $ 35

    expires in 6 weeks
  • Seniors $ 30
  • 8 Class Pkg
  • Attend 2 classes per week
  • $ 60

    expires in 6 weeks
  • Seniors $ 55
  • Drop-in
  • 1 class
  • $ 10

  • Seniors $ 10


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Yoga with John~K